Dawn of the Red Moon

Thoughts and Giggles from the Mind of Nibbles

Mood: Apathetic Sooo… Boris is of very little help. He’s actually quite useless for such an ancient and sassypants person. The group had decided that we wanted to get some work, buuuut that’s not happening any time soon. Sir Trink thinks that he can find us some work sometime soon, so we’ll be in touch. There was a large dance off between the two (Sir Trink vs. Boris and his Tiefling lady friend). After quite a few rounds and questionable lyrical rhyme schemes, Sir Trink beat the pair soundly. I think… I will have to ask the others traveling with me if that actually happened. There’s something about this elf lady’s house that makes me dream all crazy (I think it’s the mushrooms and vermin she keeps around).

Anywhoo… I love my dress, and Chompers seems a little depressed. I think that the lady in the market was his mother, and that means Chompers looks really good for his age. I don’t think that’ll cheer him up, though.

I need more money, but I doubt that the people of this town would see good acting talent if it punched them in the rear.


IAmLegion Ashley

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