Dawn of the Red Moon

Char'rissen dal Uxia d' ilta iston lu' tangin:

Messages from Uxia on her nights and days:

11/9/08 Things were certainly productive today, I suppose. It started out looking like our previous luck would continue as when the others were out and about with their own business and I was left with the Rhomaug the lizard-thing and an ELVEN company at my step. They offered their names (like I could care less) to take us to the remaining Flaming fists who have stationed themselves on the top of the hill, protecting the rich. They… ought to. But I ought to be among them.

Anyways, the Fists got their head back, racid as it was, and caught us up on the recent damage of the city. An entire shift, a third of the fists, had been hacked and slashed to death by assassins, and chaos and cultists had been reigning in the lower city. We were given rights to attack the cultists and then a letter by a curiously brisk visit from that Lou creature. Sir Trink had asked us to come to his office.

Arriving in his underground office, we were greeted by his many lawyer’s and researchers as best that goblins greet their guests civily and then by Rand and the real Sir Irving Trink. Whoever that was the previous night was probably a cultist spy. We plan on throwing him off later, but at the time we were then updated about Rand’s latest discoveries on the parchment depiction and offered the chance to partake in a ritual that would win us familiarity with the original individuals who sealed the dracolich, then dragon, we encountered as well as allowing Alundra to access use of a Dragon Tooth Warrior and instructions to deal with the cultists and then seek out Karreck the White Bear. Rand is suppose to know more.


IAmLegion Valesse

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