Dawn of the Red Moon

Char'rissen dal Uxia d' ilta iston lu' tangin:

Messages from Uxia on her nights and days:

11/16/2008 Discussion… much of it has commenced. I’ll be honest and admit I’m not quite endeared to this aspect of travelling much, but then again I’d rather not stay in this city very long. I know our names are travelling around in whispers to ears belonging to enemies. Am I a coward to hide from death? Do these people see me as one?

Trink has invited us to dinner but turned us loose upon the city to whittle away the hours of the day left to us after the ceremony. The three others decided to go shopping through the mass of street vendors down the road, bringing us to a reunion of those four bandits who attacked me on our last trip to the goblin manor. They were in an arguement with the cultists over their attire- that is they were wearing gear similar to or probably of fallen Red Moon Cultists. We pretty handily defeated the better of the cultist’s group, two running for their lives, and won ourselves more treasure off of the hands of the thugs.

Some old woman was felled in the dispute and Nibbles had issues with her gecko. I’m not sure what quite happened but I can’t help but feel that the creature will be of some distraction to us later. However, with another hour left Rhomaug the lizard-thing bought a tiara and glass jewelry for Nibbles who managed to find a dress in her size.

We found Trink and went to a winery sort of place when low and behold that wretched creature who lead us to believe he was Trink came in. It turns out his name is Boris, a vampire, and comfortably acquainted with Trink. The fruit wines are quite delicious… much more so than anything I’ve previously tasted.


IAmLegion Valesse

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