Dawn of the Red Moon

Char'rissen dal Uxia d' ilta iston lu' tangin:

Messages from Uxia on her nights and days:

12/6/2008 Most of us felt the urge to be moved by our pockets today, I suppose, and thus our looking for work brought us to that half-elf “Chaz”. The lizard-man decided to sit out while he let the ladies go to work. He was wise enough to refuse the money the halfling offered him. The over-world is so backwards. I did well, I suspect, to not raise an eyebrow at it… but blending into this city’s culture is growing more difficult.

Chaz had us go to the port to find “Kun’chiro” and make back some of the wealth that Chaz lost in a deal. We found his warehouse empty… and left his moneybox in the same state thanks to Nibble’s crafty lock-picking skills.

Alundra found Kun’chiro on board a ship and, as we sent the rogue on her way, we approached him in hopes to get some answers as to what Chaz’s deal was with him. Irritating male. He brought about no answers and I’m almost certain that when we were walking away he… Oh nevermind.

We returned to Chaz with the money… after taking one hundred gold for ourselves. He then divided it into fifths and gave us one fifth of it which was the original pay we were to receive. With the lizard-man again we found ourselves followed. To confront him we found ourselves a dead-end alleyway which ended up being at our peril.

Changling rat-men came from above after Alundra threw an arcane missile at one, provoked by foul memories.


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