Dawn of the Red Moon

Char'rissen dal Uxia d' ilta iston lu' tangin:

Messages from Uxia on her nights and days:

2/13/09 Hmpft.

I went to that arranged meeting with the cretin I’ve been working for. He apparently was trying to sell slaves to some other business man who would then ship them off to some other city or location… I suppose that’s frowned on here- Making slaves out of city dwellers. I guess it was back in the Underdark… I didn’t exactly spend most of MY time roaming outside of the walls of the Delyl House.

Anyways. That ever-so-detestable creature Borris was sent by Trink to bring Rhomaug, Nibbles, myself and Alundra out of a kind of… kind of fog, I suppose. The vampire smacked our halfling around basically until we recognized her (black and blue as she was… I only caught on as soon as Alundra shouted out her name). Borris wanted us to kill our employers. Nibbles seized the moment and slew Rhomaug’s boss and really at that point what was holding me back from laying out my own?

The fog was lifting from my memory. The Flaming Fists weren’t around anymore… We had raided the dragon cult and there was a shade who mocked my frie party and threatened me. It said it would “expose me”. I’m… not afraid of a shade. It can do nothing to me but make me worry and I won’t shudder over the prospects of an empty threat.

The only threat I can see right now are those damn werewolves. Three attacked our band as we made our way back to “Goblin Manor”—One even bit my neck! I was pissed.


IAmLegion Valesse

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