Dawn of the Red Moon

Char'rissen dal Uxia d' ilta iston lu' tangin:

Messages from Uxia on her nights and days:

We ran across a few familiar faces… I think I prefer seeing the Tiefling more than Eldarion’s again. They had with them a goblin ranger who, with her wolf, aided us.

The next day we arrived at “Goblin Manor” and proceeded to loot and kill. Alundra apparently is in some danger of becoming feral… I’m really not certain how that works. She hit tried to hit Rhomaug over his head with her staff but little came of it when she passed out.

...All in all it was a good day, I suppose. No one died after all. Sure we’ve taken a bit of a beating but… we’re not dead.


IAmLegion Valesse

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