Sir Irving Trink

Information Broker


An upstanding citizen of Baldur’s Gate. Sir Trink has two business interests of note in BG. First and foremost, he is an information merchant. Secondly, he operates a law firm.

The law offices of Trink and Trink have a somewhat vicious reputation for being unbeatable. That is usually because they will not accept a case they cannot win. Being in the information business, it is fairly easy to determine whether a case is winnable or not. Sir Trink is not a lawyer himself, his clients are represented in court by an unusual assortment of goblins. It is rumored that for every goblin lawyer he employs, there is an army of goblins doing research for the case… hence the knack for winning.

The information business is by its very nature much more shady. Little is known of his true means for collecting. To the casual he obtains information from petty thieves and wanna-be spies. To the more-than-casual observer it is painfully clear that he knows far more than what the low-lifes tell him, causing some to speculate that his “informers” are merely a front for his “business”


Sir Irving Trink

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