Too Friendly, Nibbles won't tell you much more about herself than what she's feeling and her opinion on something (even/especially if it's just someone's outfit).


Nibbles in a word, is tiny. She’s not only a bit under the normal height of a halfing (due to undernourishment), and she is also almost wirey thin. That is not to say that she is not a miniature powerhouse of strength! Because she had to grow up stealing for a living, she also got into her fair share of fights (ok, slightly less. When you’re a tiny halfling in a human’s world using “pick on someone your own size” does actually make people stop and think about what they’re doing).

She has straight mousey brown hair, bright eyes, and a dopey child-like smile. She will try and sugar people up so that she has more friends than others, and therefore in her eyes, she would become more influential than other people. Nibbles is working on becoming a master of deception, and a wooer of the public.

She has a bit of an ego on her, and she will probably eventually select you to give her a piggy-back ride.


Nibbles is the nicest person you will never want to know. She’s too nice, almost heaping on the kindness, unless she doesn’t like you… then you can just forget it. Excitable like a little child, Nibbles does not act her age (20). Most of her kind has had the years of being a Halfling beaten into them from their parents and close relatives. Poor Nibbles hardly remembers her parents as she grew up on the streets after being “sacked” (that is, being tossed into a sack and carted off by wandering bandits). The devilish duo who kidnapped her later rethought their decision and dumped her off at the gateway of the nearest city. She had been living in Baldur’s Gate for 15 years before she had something very strange happen to her… On the night of the sacred lunar eclipse (she follows the goddess Selune), a dragon lich tore open the ground beneath the city square and she along with four others were protected by a strange blood-like circle from the undead beast. Nibbles was scared poop-less, but still made time to “pad” her wealth.


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