Honorable, but slightly rebellious survivor of a family of royal guards


RE-designed 10.08.2008

RACE:         Dragonborn
        Size: Medium        Speed: 6    Vision: Normal
        Height: 6’6”        Weight: 270#
        Languages: Common, Draconic       

LEVEL:    6 (as of 02.20.09)

CLASS:        Swordmage
KEY TRAITS:    Intelligence, Strength, Constitution


From a family of “professional” royal guards (Fighters). Gherig, the oldest brother killed, his father, uncle, cousin and two middle brothers to put a usurper on the throne the human family they served. Rhomaug feels guilty for becoming Swordmage rather than a Fighter like his family (was away studying so escaped murder), and is upgrading his skills to kill mighty Gherig….

Eyes: Golden amber
Scales/skin: Olive brown-green
Cranial “dreds”: dark, forest green
Claws/Talons: dark, forest green
Longsword: “Iarunn”

From: Tymanther (second generation, father born on Toril, grandfather on Abeir) — specifically from the City-Bastion in Djerad Thymar. Family spent almost 2 generations serving as the inner guard of the human merchant-prince Serroth Turale and his family who lived in a large, fortified estate overlooking Ash Lake not far from Djerad Thymar.

Thinks kobolds are “cute.”
Thinks Tiefling females are “exotic.” ahem


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