Confrontational matron's daughter of a slaughtered Underdark clan.

  • HP: 74 BLDied: 37; HS: 18; HSpDay: 9
  • STR: _, CON: _, DEX: _, INT: _, WIS: _, CHA: _.
  • AC: _, FORT: _, REF: _, WILL: _
  • ACRO: _, ARC: _, ATH: _, BLU: _, DIP: _, DUN: _, END: _, HEAL: _, HIS: _,
  • INS: _, INTI: _, NAT: _,PERC: _, REL: _, STE: _, STRE: _, THIE: _
  • Languages: Common, Elven
  • Vision: Dark Vision
  • Passive Insight: _ Passive Perception: _
  • Skills Training :History
  • Skills Training: Perception
  • Clutch of the Darkness
  • Skills Focus: Perception
  • _
  • _
  • At-will: Eldricth Blast; Hellish Rebuke;
  • Encounter: Vampric Embrace; Cloud of Darkness/Darkfire; Cursebite; Internal Moon Curse; _
  • Daily: Armor of Agathys; Avervian Eruption; _
  • Utility: Fiendish Resilience; Spider Climb; _
  • Infernal Warlock: Dark One’s Blessing; Prime Shot; Shadow Walk; Warlock’s Curse
  • _
  • _
  • _
  • _
  • _
  • _

Born into pomp and prestige one might expect being the third daughter of Qu’eller Delyl’s matron, Uxia’Delyl received the advantages of a noble upbringing including what would later becoming undeniably useful: the privilege to an intense education in history.

Uxia was sent away on a task on her mother’s wishes to prove the strength of her nerve. Previously Uxia had taken special notice of a guest to their clan house and (mid edit)

Years ago, however, a rival clan named Qu’ellar Druugiir descended upon the Delyl house and decimated all of it’s members present.

Learning of this, Uxia fled the major underworld caverns with only a few possessions of her past life and scraped out a few years outside of civilization before coming to the company of a warlock who offered to share with her the secrets to seizing control of demonic powers. Unknown to the drowess at the time, this woman planned on using the girl to pay off a Faustian debt, that is until a few thoughtless slips of the tongue referring to the history Uxia had studied so tediously in her youth sealed her fate.

Leaving the underground in hopes to avoid any familiar eyes, she traveled toward the direction her keen ears heard safety lied. Almost a full year before our adventure starts, settling in Baldur’s Gate.

She is not nor likes wood elves. She doesn’t even like the way they smell. Nasty wood elves.


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