A Letter to Rylgyrn

Dearest Rylgyrn,

It has come to the attention of the Queen Mother that you acted inappropriately in the removal of house Delyl from the premises of their previous occupation. Whether through cowardice or compassion, it is not clear. In either case, you have posed a clear danger to your family, your Queen, and your Goddess.

In her Wisdom, and yet for some unfathomable reason to the rest of the family, her Majesty has spared you from immediate execution. Instead, you are hereby banished to the Surface to wallow in the filth with the swine races. Maybe there you will learn the contempt you lack.

Should you happen to redeem yourself, it will only be in the eyes of your Goddess. To the family and to the Queen, you no longer exist.

May your soul burn eternally in the light of the sun.


A Letter to Rylgyrn

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