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On a clear Autumn night, the moon went red in the shadow of the earth…

More than a thousand years have passed since an assembly of great Kings imprisoned the Beast in a tomb of Earth and Fire. The Beast was more than a mere Dragon, (if you may use the words “mere” and “Dragon” together). No, he was a Wyrm of Legendary proportion – his rise to power built on the bloodied bodies of armies and nations, kings and commoners.

The tale of the imprisonment is legendary, though faded from recent memory. Unable to defeat the Beast directly, five “Kings” (Kings and Queens) gathered to trap the Beast by his own pride. A legion of great heroes (Dragon Tooth Warriors, Dragon Warriors, Dragon Tooth Soldiers – depending on the tale) kept the armies of the Red Moon at bay, while the Kings performed their great ritual.

The Red Moon – would-be goddess, an Arch-Devil primed for ascension. Stripped of her Avatar and consort, her power declined quickly. Soon she was banished to the more primal world of Abeir by the even greater goddess Selune. There she spent a millenia… waiting.

The story of the Kings spread quickly. Their names are lost, but their titles remain – The Hopeless, The Dragon, The Guardian, The Queen, The Traitor. But the ritual used for the entrapment was destroyed, for fear that it fall into the hands of those who would wish its undoing. As with most things, it is difficult to hide what wishes to be found.

Home Page

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