Sequence of Events

Year of the Ageless One

Feast of the Moon

Skeletal Dragon of Unknown name/origin escaped an ancient entombment. Possibly a Dracolich.
Party questioned by Flaming Fists.
“Chuck” discovered spying on party.

First of Nightal

Party visited office of “Trink and Trink”
Party visited residence of Rand Drannor
Party ambushed by “Red Moon” cultists
Rylgyrn Sabotages party efforts to explain events to Flaming Fists
Rylgyrn beheads Flaming Fist sergeant

Party returns to Rand Drannor
Party leaves for Ruins
Party encounters “friendly” kobolds

Third of Nightal

Party arrives to ruined manor, encounters Goblin at a well
Party negotiates sale of books with Goblin “leader”
Party exterminates goblin food source… I mean party kills all the rats. (2 encounters)
Party fights Goblin “leader”
Party collects remaining books
Party encounters and defeats Rylgryn

Third of Nightal (continued)

Alundra infected by Filth Fever
Party leaves Goblin Manor

Fifth of Nightal

Party reaches Baldur’s Gate

Sixth of Nightal

Party sets out again for Goblin Manor

Tenth of Nightal

Current day

Sequence of Events

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